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Introduction and Definition of Bachelor's and Doctoral Caps

Academic caps, specific to bachelor’s and doctoral levels, are an integral part of traditional academic regalia. While bachelor’s caps often follow standard mortarboard designs, doctoral caps may include specialized tams or bonnets. These caps represent academic achievement and adhere to time-honored traditions.

Bachelor cap
Doctoral tam

Styles and Features of Bachelor's Caps, Doctoral Tams, and Doctoral Bonnets

Bachelor's Caps (Mortarboards)

Shape: Traditionally square-shaped, known as a mortarboard

Tassel: Features a tassel that may be color-coded to represent a specific field of study or degree.

Fabric Options: Available in various weights and finishes, including matte and shiny fabrics, matching bachelor’s gowns.

Symbolism: Represents the bachelor’s level of academic achievement.

Doctoral Tams

Shape: Soft and often beret-like, with a varying number of sides (usually six or eight).

Tassel: Typically adorned with a gold bullion tassel, signifying the highest academic rank.

Fabric: Often crafted from velvet or other luxurious materials.

Customization: May include specific colors or details to represent the field of study.

Symbolism: Symbolizes the prestige and tradition of a doctoral degree.

Doctoral Bonnets

Shape: Features a unique brim and soft crown, distinguishing it from other academic caps

Decoration: May include decorative cords or other embellishments.

Fabric: Luxurious materials such as velvet are common.

Customization: Can be tailored to include institutional colors or emblems.

Symbolism: Often worn by recipients of the highest academic degrees, representing a rich academic tradition.

The Manufacturing Process of Bachelor's Caps

1. Design Phase

  • Sketching: The process starts with detailed drawings to define the shape, size, and features.
  • Pattern Making: Patterns are made to guide the cutting of the fabric and other components.

2. Material Selection:

  • Materials: Common materials include polyester, reycled fabric, or other specialized fabrics.
  • Color Matching: The color is selected to align with institutional requirements or standard black.

3. Cutting and Shaping:

  • Precision Cutting: Fabric is cut for the cap’s top and headband, ensuring accurate dimensions.
  • Shaping the Board: The rigid square board is shaped to form the mortarboard’s flat top.

4. Assembling Components:

  • Sewing: The fabric is sewn to cover the board and form the cap’s crown..
  • Attaching the Headband: The headband is sewn or glued to fit the wearer’s head size.

5. Adding the Tassel

  • Tassel Selection: The tassel’s color and style may represent specific academic achievements or fields.
  • Attachment: The tassel is securely fastened to the center of the mortarboard.

6. Quality Inspection:

  • Detailed Assessment: Each cap undergoes careful inspection for alignment, stitching, and overall appearance.
  • Adjustments: Necessary modifications are made to meet quality standards.

7. Finishing:

  • Packaging: Careful packaging ensures that the cap reaches its destination in perfect condition

8. Customization Options:

  • Emblems, Logos, and More: Additional customization can be applied, such as embroidery or printing of specific symbols.

Sizing Considerations for Bachelor's Caps

  • Size: Designed as one size for most fitting.
  • Adjustability: Features elastic or other adjustable mechanisms to fit various head sizes.
  • Consideration: Though generally adaptable, the fit can be fine-tuned for comfort, ensuring that the cap sits securely without being too tight or loose.

Sizing Considerations for Doctoral Tams

  • Size: Typically created as one size for most fitting.
  • Adjustability: Often includes Velcro adjustments to allow for easy resizing to accommodate different head shapes.
  • Consideration: The soft structure of the tam allows for flexible sizing, but proper adjustment ensures an elegant appearance in line with academic traditions.

Sizing Considerations for Doctoral Bonnets

  • Size: Generally designed as one size for most fitting.
  • Adjustability: Features drawstrings with adjustable buckles to modify the size as needed. The presence of a buckle allows for precise control over the length of the drawstrgsin, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit tailored to individual preferences.
  • Consideration: The unique shape of the bonnet requires careful adjustment to achieve a fit that honors both comfort and ceremonial dignity.

Fabric Options for Graduation Gowns

The fabric of a graduation gown plays a vital role in determining its appearance, feel, and durability. Different fabrics offer varied textures and weights, contributing to the overall quality of the gown. Here’s an overview of the common fabric options.

Matte Fabric

145GSM: A lightweight option, providing comfort without sacrificing elegance.

180GSM: A mid-weight fabric, offering a balance between durability and wearability.

220GSM: A heavier option, known for its luxurious feel and lasting quality.

Shiny Fabric

110GSM: A lightweight, glossy fabric that adds a luminous shine to the gown, creating a distinctive appearance.

Velvet Fabric

240-250GSM: A favored material in the crafting of academic headwear, especially for doctoral tams and bonnets. The fabric's reflective quality gives it a dimensional appearance, enhancing its elegance.

Color Options for Bachelor's Caps, Doctoral Tams, and Doctoral Bonnets

Bachelor's Caps (Mortarboards)

Standard Black: The most common color, symbolizing the tradition and formality of academia, and typically matched with the color of the purchased bachelor's gowns.

Doctoral Tams

Classic Black: Often the preferred choice for its elegance and universality.Velvet Options: May include colored velvet to signify specific fields of study or institutional traditions.

Doctoral Bonnets

Traditional Black: A common and dignified choice for doctoral bonnets. May feature colored cords or bands to represent academic disciplines.


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